Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Ship Grove”

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Ship Grove”

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This picture shows the viewer a real deep Russian landscape, where thickly and violently overgrown with needles. The edge of the forest, illuminated by the rays of the summer warm sun, enjoys this endless warmth and light. The golden light of the sun touched the crowns, and, slowly withdrawing the rays, penetrated deep into the darkness of the forest.

When you look at the canvas, you want to take a deep breath in order to feel with all your chest this tart and fragrant aroma of coniferous boron. A little distracted from the forest, you can see the stream flowing from behind the trees. The water in it is clear and warm to the bottom. This all-consuming heat permeates every grain of sand in the creek, every living soul in the forest.

Everything in the picture is transmitted with maximum accuracy, so that there are not even bright images or spots, or a place that the author would like to draw the attention of the viewer. This is not a whim of the artist, it is his reality. He believes that nature should be portrayed in its true colors and colors, because nature does not tolerate lies and falsehood. Why embellish what was already perfect from the start?

Without completing anything, without inventing anything, the author simply conveyed what he saw so that everyone could supplement or “finish” the picture in their minds. It feels like the picture is not complete. There is no diversity of vegetation, because it really is not in the pine forest.

At the same time, the picture attracts its viewer with the features of the national Russian landscape. With its power and grandeur not conquered, its boundless desire for height and spaciousness. The giant size of a real Russian coniferous forest absorbs in its size everything that is smaller or lower.

Looking at the picture, one can feel calm calm and silence. However, it reminds a little of his previous works - Sosnovy Bor, for example. Only in this work he was not distracted by contrasts and detail, he brought into the life of the viewer the strength and intransigence of the Russian landscape, by putting the trunks of pine trees in the foreground.

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