Description of the painting by Konstantin Makovsky “Children running from a thunderstorm”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Makovsky “Children running from a thunderstorm”

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The painting depicts children who decided to go for mushrooms, but they suddenly overtook a thunderstorm. The picture is large in terms of parameters, however, it simply will not be possible to describe it with a large number of words. But it’s not a natural phenomenon, but children, rather their emotions and feelings, their fear and desire to find a shelter or haven to avoid rain.

Everything suggests that the children are from a simple peasant family, because their cheeks are pink, their braids are blond, their eyes are deep and large. Behind the children, you can see the dark forest from which they are running, a shaky bridge under the legs of the eldest girl, but she, not being afraid to lose her balance, quickly runs forward, clutching her sister tightly, which is also frightened and hoping for a miracle.

Everything around says that a thunderstorm is approaching: grass bent to the ground, disheveled hair of children. The gloomy pre-thundering sky pumps the atmosphere a little, and the children become terribly sorry. The little sister of a girl of about ten on her back was pressed very hard from fear, which shows how tightly she clings to her sister's neck.

Despite the face distorted by fear, the children have clean and sweet, kind eyes, little things that make them admire the picture - these are mushrooms in a basket, and clearly defined grass, and bare feet of children, and apprehensions of bad weather, and the sky, which is about to change color and the sunny day will dry up.

But not so much the oldest girl is afraid of a thunderstorm, but the fact that the youngest one can be afraid. Therefore, he runs as fast as he can without looking back at what is happening behind. She is bold and stubborn, decisive actions swiftly rushing forward, proudly carrying her sister to cover.

Still in gold bars lies grass flooded with a sunbeam, which will soon be hidden by a thunderstorm, the colors of the painting bright and varied shades highlight important details, showing us all the charm of the impending weather.

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