Description of the painting by Karl Bryullov “Italian noon”

Description of the painting by Karl Bryullov “Italian noon”

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Truly a masterpiece of world painting, the most popular work of Karl, which scattered all over the world with simply millions of copies of reproductions, all kinds of stripes of illustrations, etc. It is worth thinking about where such a huge popularity of this canvas comes from. In this picture, everything is obvious.

Starting from the fact that the fact that the artist quite sincerely betrayed all the sides and feelings of this picture, you can’t always be able to repeat in words or live through the actions that the greatest artist presented to us on his canvas. Probably worth starting with the overall interior that surrounds the girl.

In this picture, each detail has its own place and purpose, and everything is done in order to provide the viewer with the most reliable picture about the current moment on the canvas. So, for example, the old staircase on which our heroine of the picture climbed, with a wicker basket for grapes.

Even each dark green leaf of the vine seems to be alive and reproduces feelings in one tone with the heroine. The girl herself has a rather delicate and airy image, her barely noticeable blush on her cheeks, a snow-white blouse and dark skin, which seems to radiate heat and light. At the sight of a bunch of grapes, wonderful in their beauty, the girl is simply not able to hide her amazement and admiration.

The whole composition is built around her, but she actively complements the admiration of the girl. The artist’s magnificent game over the light allows you to feel this bunch of grapes as if we could reach out a picture and tear a couple of grapes from a bunch.

The girl’s large, beautiful, brown eyes show us every drop of her sincerity, purity and, in a sense, even purity, thanks to which the viewer is completely imbued with the whole situation, and he has no reason not to believe either the girl or the artist who created this wonderful painting .

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