Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Above Eternal Peace”

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Above Eternal Peace”

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The painting by Isaac Levitan "Over Eternal Peace" is one of the pearls of the artist. Art historians attribute this work to the trilogy of his paintings, believing that the first is the canvas "At the pool", the second is Vladimirka, and the third is Above Eternal Peace.

The picture was painted from nature, which became an old wooden church near Vyshny Volochyok (a small town in the Tver province).

The painting depicts the high shore of the lake, a huge beautiful sky at sunset with pale purple clouds and a small wooden church, standing alone on the shore. Near the church there is an old cemetery with wooden crosses rickety from time to time.

The viewer seems to feel all the harsh beauty of Russian nature, the coldness of its winds, the power of rivers and the immense distance of fields.

And in this simple story lies the underlying philosophy of life and death, the foundations of the Russian folk spirit. These are thoughts about God, life and about a man, his place in the world, about memory and about the future. The image of a small wooden church is the image of the man himself, seeking the truth of God on earth, striving for light, for life, for love, but often not finding them. This is a picture of hope, of the fleetingness of life, of the fact that each of us feels our connection with something majestic and grandiose, whose name is acquired for us more in religious than material terms.

There is a place in the picture and a feeling of subtle longing, loneliness, but at the same time there is a lot of faith, faith in future heavenly joy. There are sensations of peace and greatness created by the Creator of the world.

But the landscapes of Levitan are beautiful in that every spectator can see something of his own in his paintings. But they do not leave anyone indifferent, just as their homeland cannot leave a person indifferent - quiet, majestic and beautiful.

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