Description of the painting by Igor Grabar “February Azure”

Description of the painting by Igor Grabar “February Azure”

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The image of the winter landscape in the picture of the Russian artist Igor Grabar conveys the mood of the winter forest, which is already preparing for the arrival of spring. The last winter days in the forest, February blue, enveloping rare birch trees.

The picture is depicted in such a way as if the artist painted it lying down, looking at the sample from below. And this technique gives the picture an amazing effect.

Birch trees, snow, sky, it would seem how much white should be used to depict this picture. But the artist does not oversaturate the picture with light tones. Not perfect snow purity, glimpses of thawed patches - everything speaks about the imminent approach of spring.

A lot of spring flowers were used - a whole palette of pastel and bright colors. There are many shades of blue, the color of ultramarine, in which the sky is painted over a birch forest. The combinations of these colors merge into incredible harmony, the music of spring, and the light sadness of parting with winter.

The shape of the birch depicted in the painting “February Azure” deserves special attention. Against the azure sky, the birch branches have an amazing, mysterious and attractive appearance. This picture, of course, cheers up those who consider it. This is the effect the artist sought. The joy of the arrival of spring, the smile of the awakened trees, the clear blue sky gently laid on the canvas of the "poet of the Russian winter" by the outstanding Russian artist Igor Grabar.

On the central birch you can still see lace hoarfrost, it sparkles with sparkles, as if beads were thrown over a birch. The real beauty is Russian birch. And behind the majestic “soloist” the ensemble is created by no less beautiful birches, who are also happy about the coming spring and are ready to meet her with their festive forest song.

Even the name of the picture “February Blue” already makes it clear that this picture will reveal the amazing poetic world of Russian late winter, presented in the image of a small piece of native land.

Autumn Shishkin

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