Description of the painting by Nikolai Krymov “Toward Spring”

Description of the painting by Nikolai Krymov “Toward Spring”

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Nikolai Petrovich Krymov was not only a famous landscape painter, but also a theoretician of painting and a teacher who left behind many grateful students. The painting "By the Spring" was painted by Krymov in 1907 and relates to the early period of the artist.

Here Krymov captured the transition from winter to spring. In nature, this time is so fleeting and elusive that people often do not notice it. The artist in his painting as if stops this moment, fixing it on the canvas.

In the foreground of the picture, on the right, we see a tree trunk, the same trunk stretches from the left side of the picture, as if accidentally falling onto the canvas. The branches of these trees are bizarrely woven in the heights. Spring trees are bare, they have no leaves, not even buds. Nature only wakes up from a long winter sleep.

On the branches there are birds, one of the main harbingers of the coming spring. But take a closer look! These are red-breasted bullfinches and titmouses with bright yellow colors in plumage. Yes, winter is in no hurry to give up their positions.

Behind the trees are the facades and roofs of houses. It seems that Krymov painted the whole picture from nature, being on the roof of a neighboring house. The left part of the picture is an ordinary wood shed, gray and unremarkable. But on the house on the right involuntarily I want to hold my eyes. Bright colors, in which the artist painted the walls of the house and outbuilding, attract attention and contribute to the overall spring mood of the picture.

There is still snow on the roofs, but it is clear that he is living out his last days. A little more and the spring sun will finally destroy this winter sign. Through the bare branches of trees mosaic fragments visible spring turquoise sky with snow-white clouds. On the roof, enjoying the first sunshine, it is important to walk the cat. In the background, trees are again visible, merging in color with gray roofs.

The contours of the picture seem a little blurry, and the lines are fuzzy. All together, this creates the impression of lightness, transparency and crystal weightlessness, characteristic of early spring.

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