Description of the painting by Salvador Dali "The Polyhedron"

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali

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Salvador Dali's painting “polyhedron” is painted in a surreal style. Many art historians classify this work as a cubist style. But it is safe to say that the surrealism of this picture is just off scale. Everyone who is familiar with the work of Salvador Dali, immediately recognizes in the painting "polyhedron" the hand of an unsurpassed master of surrealism.

On a disturbing dirty green background, a crumpled sheet of paper is depicted. A kind of "crumpled picture in the picture." Playing basketball players, vaguely drawn on this crumpled sheet, threw a ball in the form of a fragile glass Christmas ball with the contours of the continents depicted on it outside the picture. The Christmas ball symbolizes our earth, carelessly "thrown into the cosmic abyss - an infinite space, beyond which there is everything, but there is nothing.

Many faces are depicted in this picture, most of them cannot be explained. Few even managed to explain the ideas and thoughts embedded in the artist’s paintings. What do the people in the square on the left of the picture mean? This question has tormented many researchers of Dali's work so far. Each touch of the artist’s brush on the canvas is filled with mystery, tension and a veil of puzzles.

It is very difficult and almost impossible to unravel the idea of ​​the painting "The Polyhedron", as difficult as the very soul of the great Salvador.

The picture is full of a sense of anxiety, tension. Moreover, in this picture there are glimpses of psychedelic notes. This picture is considered to be a model of the surreal genre. Dali was able to depict his ideas in paintings in such a way that it would seem an unremarkable picture for a long time left an imprint in the memory and subconscious of the one who looked at her. The work of the artist "Polyhedron" is also no exception.

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