Description of Van Gogh's painting “Night Cafe”

Description of Van Gogh's painting “Night Cafe”

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According to Van Gogh himself, the picture “Night Cafe” was created in order to convey the effect of looking at the environment of a public institution through the eyes of a drunken man whose thoughts, understanding of what is happening and reason are clouded by unabated drunkenness.

The painting was done on industrial primed canvas. The painting shows the interior of the cafe. The accent of the central background is the curtains, carelessly drawn by Van Gogh's light hand. This negligence of all lines gives a feeling of light intoxication, and even some dizziness.

Amazingly accurately conveyed by the artist, the feeling experienced by visitors, also depicted on canvas. Five clients, whom, for various reasons, fate brought to this night institution, are located at tables along the walls. The tables are arranged so that a waiter in a white suit can serve each of the visitors without any problems.

In the picture it is impossible to see any clear outlines of the faces of visitors, nor interior lines. Apparently the same is seen by those who decided to visit the cafe that night.

The center of the picture is a pool table, to which visitors are not in a hurry to approach this night to play a game. A lot of alcohol is depicted in the background of the picture. Apparently this, Van Gogh makes it possible to once again feel the purpose of people coming to this cafe. Van Gogh depicts this picture through the eyes of a visitor sitting at the very end of the hall, and watching everything that happens in this “blurred” room.

The predominance of green in the picture is not accidental. It is such a shade of green that gives a sense of self-destruction and loneliness. At the same time, the bright red walls give feelings of anxiety, fear and anxiety, which unhappy visitors will soon forget about.

Van Gogh's night cafe is a place where everyone can fill their hardships with a glass, another cheap and not very cognac or whiskey. Moreover, each client, depicted by Van Gogh, apparently has his own specific life story, radically different from the story of another visitor, who, by the will of fate, ended up in a night cafe that very night.

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