Description of the painting by Salvador Dali "Crucifixion"

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali

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The embodiment of Spanish temperament, extraordinary thinking and a peculiar vision of the world, Salvador Dali embodied in many of his canvases.

The great surrealist of the 20th century, Salvador Dali, on his canvas “The Crucifixion”, depicted one of the most famous religious scenes - the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. His images embodied in the paintings are a reflection of his dreams and visions. One such idea was the presentation of the cross for the crucifixion in the form of a hypercube. The body shape of Jesus emphasizes his suffering - the head is tilted back, legs are stretched into a string, chest is arched. All the muscles of his body as if pierced by a charge of current, they are extremely stressed. The same tension permeates the whole picture and is transmitted to the viewer.

The geometric shape of the cube with its clear edges and corners emphasizes the suffering of Jesus Christ, their infinity and its hopelessness. The perfect geometric cube body, as it were, corresponds to the perfect human body of Christ.

The body of Jesus looks healthy and young. Dali depicted the reference beauty of the male body in the image of Christ. He does not look thin or haggard, his body is full of vitality, but Jesus is doomed to painful and long death, full of suffering and pain.

In religious sources, the pose of Jesus on the crucifixion does not express tension - the body of Christ is relaxed, he drooped on the cross, his arms and legs hang freely.

The picture is cold. The external environment contributes a lot to this - the cross is located freely in space. Jesus seems to be hanging in the air - at the same time, he is confined to a hypercube.

The image of Jesus Christ on the canvas of Dali is the embodiment of the soullessness of the world, its cruelty and hatred. Jesus is chained between cubes - his back is leaning against a cross, from the side of his chest four cubes of small size represent nails.

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