Description of the painting by Nikolai Romadin “Khmelevka Village”

Description of the painting by Nikolai Romadin “Khmelevka Village”

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Romadin’s painting “Khmelevka Village” from the famous cycle “Russian Volga” is distinguished by a special color in the artist’s work. Despite the dull, inexpressive shades and sad notes caused by the image of the Russian village, the cloudy melancholy in the artist’s landscape, there is an invisible feeling of sincere love for his native places. No wonder that researchers of the painter’s creative heritage called him a true poet of Russian landscapes.

From the landscape view, “Khmelevka Village”, we have a picturesque view of a small village that begins right at the foot of a large hill. Very tiny houses in a valley between hills covered with yellow-green grass look very tiny. In the foreground, three slender birches are visible, with yellowish autumn leaves.

The master placed the village in the background and led him through the entire canvas, surrounded by low golden trees in autumn. The horizon was lost somewhere in a grayish haze. And the cloudy sky a high tent spread over the village. Soon cranes will cross his field, leaving behind him longing and cold.

At the same time, the main coloring of the canvas is quite delicate, very reminiscent of a carpet woven with golden thread. After all, the master's color scheme is represented by various shades of gold: from virtually white to juicy orange, saturated copper and dark brown. These soft, flowing shades smoothly into each other so successfully harmonize with shades of green, light blue and gray. Therefore, the landscape canvas “Khmelevka Village” evokes a sense of calm and pacification, joy, and at the same time gives a slight sadness. The viewer has a feeling of quiet joy for his "meek homeland", which seems to be not quite noticeable, but so dear and close.

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