Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov "Kashchei the Immortal"

Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov

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The canvas "Koschey the Immortal" was written by the famous Russian painter Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov for nine years. It was fully completed only in 1926, chronologically, the picture was his last work. Since childhood, each of us listened to from our parents tales of an old man named Koschei, who is universal evil for the characters of Russian folklore.

Vasnetsov in his works often turned to motives from Russian fairy tales, he could put a soul into each fictional character. The images on his canvases always looked as realistic and human as possible.

The picture has three main colors: rich chocolate, alizarin red and gold. Everything is intended to show that the action takes place in luxurious mansions, trimmed with rare woods and studded with gold and spoilage. The character is incredibly greedy and stingy, as can be seen on the canvas, the artist showed these features with the help of several massive chests arranged in his mansions and, apparently, to the top full of jewels and trophies.

Amid all this splendor, the artist depicted a gloomy old man in a golden crown, who captivated a young girl. Koschey interestedly examines his prey with empty eyes. It seems that he has no soul left, before us is only the shell of a terrible body that instills fear, disgust and a little pity. The girl does not look at the old man, the gaze of the beauty with horror and indignation is turned to a long sword, at the end of the blade of which dark human blood froze.

Many contemporaries of the great artist noted that during the writing of the canvas he experienced numerous sufferings caused by unrest in the country. Perhaps this sword is a sign for observers, a kind of message to the people of the future about the end of hostility.

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