Description of the painting by Alexey Korzukhin “Bird Enemies”

Description of the painting by Alexey Korzukhin “Bird Enemies”

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In 1887, the artist Alexei Ivanovich Korzukhin finished work on the canvas “Bird Enemies”. The author, who had peasant roots, depicted the morning of three peasant boys. As soon as the sun rose, they immediately went on an important task - catching birds for sale.

This occupation brings them a good income, so they treat him very responsibly. The guys gathered early in the morning and equipped themselves with all the necessary equipment. They carry cages for future prey and a long pole for catching pichugs. They are dressed in simple, nondescript, peasant shirts and coarse pants.

The boys go on barefoot hunting, because in summer there is no need to shoe, and even this saves a meager, home budget. The guys are depicted in active poses. The eldest - their leader - indicates to the others the direction where, apparently, he already discovered a flock of feathered victims.

The second boy fixed his gaze in the indicated direction and slightly covered his eyes with his palm from the bright rising sun, which blinds him. The third kid with a long pole carefully looks at his friends. It can be seen that the boys who went to the forest are not afraid to follow such a dangerous road. They are already used to such regular travels. Friends bravely step forward along the summer foliage, heated by the scorching sun and moistened by morning dew. The artist very vividly depicted the nature of a small provincial town.

The color scheme used to convey the vegetation is simply amazing. A gentle, warm light green shade attracts the eye. In the upper left corner you can see a small stretch of purple sky illuminated by the rising sun. In general, the picture is very deep and meaningful. It is saturated with the morning heat and comfort, the quiet peasant life of young children preparing to enter the cruel adult world.

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