Description of the painting by Konstantin Vasilyev “A man with an owl”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Vasilyev “A man with an owl”

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The great Russian artist Konstantin Vasiliev painted a unique painting "A man with an owl." This is a kind of challenge to all of humanity, which makes the human mind penetrate deeply into philosophy and think about the existence of life. The picture is difficult, not everyone is given the opportunity to accept and know what its plot brings us.

The main character is an old man who brings to the world the wisdom and knowledge gained over his entire long and difficult life. He is dressed in a fur coat with a fur trim, in a caftan and harem pants. This is a real Russian sage who lived a very difficult life. The bird sits on the elder’s hand, it rises above the world and unites heaven and earth together.

The eagle owl is formidable, powerful and wise, his eye looks into the distance, as if controlling everything that happens in the universe. The old man rises above the world, beneath it are clouds. He doesn’t need much, he has seen so much in life that he took with him only a faithful companion, a candle that will help and tell him the true path and whip, which will protect and show his power. The old man is concentrated on the flame of the candle, he rethinks all being and tries to find his future path, which will be without sins and problems.

Wisdom, decisiveness and rethinking of everything that exists on earth are presented in this image and not in vain. Only old, wise and experienced warriors can get to where all the elements that can both revive and destroy are brought together.

The painting was painted in the year of the artist's death in 1976. She was like a prophecy at the end of his biography. This confirms the burning scroll with the initials of the great master. He proves to the world that only a creative thought born of knowledge can reach heavenly heavens. The viewer perceives the plot in different ways, by virtue of his faith, knowledge and spiritual beginning. Be sure to check out this amazing storyline that will leave a lasting impression of what you see in your memory.

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