Description of the painting by Nicholas Roerich "St. Sergius of Radonezh"

Description of the painting by Nicholas Roerich

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The painting of St. Nicholas Roerich "St. Sergius of Radonezh", written in 1932, depicts St. Sergius. The love of the image of this miracle worker Roerich carried through his whole life.

St. Sergius stands in the foreground, on a hill of color, reminiscent of the color of unfired clay. His figure is tall and stately, harmonious in everything, the face is majestic and kind, and the halo, clothing and the sign of the trinity make us understand his high position, emphasize his power and significance. In his hands he holds a beautiful temple - a symbol of the temple of the human soul. Miracle Worker Sergius admonishes the army and prays for his safe return.

The helmets of warriors marching on the feat of arms are visible behind the hill. They walk in even rows, proudly carrying red banners. They go into battle bravely and with dignity, realizing the power of the help of St. Sergius and the Russian church, standing in the distance and painted with surprisingly matching colors. Even in the sky, manifestations of heavenly help are visible: it is unusually blue and turns into snow-white hues, as if from the brightness of the halo and spiritual light of Sergius. Yes, and dirty clouds are cleansed, becoming whiter, which symbolizes the cleansing of the earth from various vices and evil thoughts.

The All-Seeing Eye, clearly visible through thick black clouds, is the Creator's eye, which is far and invisible to people, but still constantly watches them and keeps them. In general, in the early Russian icons you can often see the Eye, but in such later works it appears quite rarely.

The whole canvas is saturated with spirituality, even from the bottom right there is an icon with the Face of Christ the Savior.

The greatest ascetic of the Russian land, St. Sergius, is the image of an educator, teacher and protector for the whole people and at all times. During his life, this man did his best to unite Russia and achieve its moral revival. He rallied the soldiers before many campaigns, and it was in this image that he appeared before us in this picture.

Fedor Vasilyev Thaw

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