Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov “The Reaper”

Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov “The Reaper”

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Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov is one of the main Russian painters who have long shown parables, stories, epics on their canvases, accompanying the movement of life force in people's hearts. Realism, speaking in the artist’s paintings, makes you think about the truth of everyday life.

The picture "Reaper" is the result of the artist. The work was written in 1867. This period fell on the educational process of the master in the drawing school of the Society for the Promotion of Arts. The history of the painting is accompanied by the attitude of Vasnetsov to the working life of peasants. The simplicity and timidity of the Russian soul was so captivating that the figures that appeared in the works of the creator seemed to come to life when looking at them.

The girl depicted in the picture is of a peasant kind, which is full of moments of Russian poetic creativity and the truth of life. The convincing image of a Russian woman in the process of work shows how firmly the conceived action is carried out. Unpretentiousness and timidity are pronounced on the girl's face. The yellowness of the field reflects the arrival of autumn harvest, knitting sheaves and harvesting for the winter. The red scarf is tightly tied so that the hair does not flutter in the wind. A neat sundress and a white shirt make the peasant woman both representative and simple. In the distance you can see village houses shrouded in a little haze.

The small work “Reaper” embodied significant features and monumentality. Background of ears creates a magnificent plan for a peasant girl. Bare feet do not spoil the skin. The lack of shoes shows that there are no barriers to doing their job.

Victor Mikhailovich depicts the might of the Russian soul, which oppression and misfortune are not terrible. All this is embodied in one fragile girl. The mastery of Russian art has always been at its best, as the canvases embody humanity and work that cannot be broken.

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