Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky “Storm at sea at night”

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky “Storm at sea at night”

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The sea in all its states is the main theme of the paintings of Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky. One of his masterpieces, no doubt, is the painting "Storm at Sea at Night", which was painted by the artist in 1848.

The plot of the picture is quite familiar for the works of Ivan Aivazovsky: night, a stormy sea and a lonely ship, struggling with the raging elements. And only the Moon, which appeared in the lumen of the clouds, watches what is happening with a detached indifference. But man will triumph in this struggle, because after darkness light always comes.

As with most other paintings by Aivazovsky, the sea does not cause a feeling of static. It moves, it rages, it is alive. This is the greatest talent of Ivan Aivazovsky: to convey with the slightest shades of color the whole dynamics of the raging elements, creating a sense of reality of each wave, each foamy breaker. Moonlight reflected in the raging water gives the canvas even greater naturalness and emphasizes the incredible dynamics of the sea element. The viewer literally feels the elastic air currents and splashes of sea waves ...

The picture was painted in dark colors, and only in the center, a bright spot of the moon and the waves illuminated by it, create the illusion of the inner glow of the whole picture. It is the color scheme that conveys the striking symbolism of each element of this canvas. The dark ship, tilted to one side, shifted somewhat away from the center and in the shadows clearly indicates the severity of the struggle of his team with the disparate elements of human forces.

At the same time, the moonlight in the center of the picture carries the hope of salvation and the belief that the storm is about to end and that it is only necessary to withstand its last blows. The artist's use of warm colors creates even greater confidence in the victory of man over nature.

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