Description of the painting by Nicholas Roerich “The Works of Our Lady”

Description of the painting by Nicholas Roerich “The Works of Our Lady”

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For many years nothing was heard about this picture. Art critics have already begun to think that this beautiful painting was lost forever, but in 2013 the painting was at one of London's auctions. It turns out that for a long time the painting was at the disposal of a private American art collector.

In fact, there are 3 copies of this painting, written by the great artist Roerich. The artist created the first copy back in 1931, and the painting made a very positive impression among art lovers. Therefore, Roerich decided to write some more repetition paintings.

In his creation, the artist wanted to show in a completely new way the role of the Mother of the World in human destiny. Her image is completely collective and limitless. She is the greatest of the Mothers, helping people to find salvation from earthly transgressions. The plot of the canvas was made by an ancient legend that the Mother of God saved the souls by helping them to go to paradise, bypassing the watch of the Apostle Peter.

At the central place of creation is the Queen of Heaven. It connects the earthly and heavenly worlds. The earthly world is very small. In the picture he is depicted as a river with small boats. In the middle of the picture are many saints, angels and other creatures living in heaven. The Mother of God folded her hands as in prayer, and a thin thread descends from them to the earthly world. A thread is lowered to people to help them save their souls. Two very small figures go along the string. This is a woman and a man receiving help from the Virgin. They are dressed in white, which symbolizes the purity of their aspirations.

The picture is dominated by blue and cyan colors, which symbolizes the mind, intellect and spiritual purity. The light emanating from the garments of the Mother of God and other saints confronts the dark tons of hell and red fiery tongues.

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