Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting Van Gogh's Chair

Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting Van Gogh's Chair

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The painting "Van Gogh's Chair" amazes the viewer with the unusual composition. It would seem: an interior detail. But the image does not carry an exclusively interior load. In this case, we can say that Van Gogh positions the chair from the point of view of the central character of the picture, as if spiritualizing it.

The artist did not just use this piece of furniture in the picture. In fact, what is a chair for you? You do not think about its significance in everyday life. However, it is the chair that bears a huge benefit. A chair is a support for everyone, we sit on it and do not feel tension in our legs. We rest on a chair.

Of course, there can be a great many variations of this element of furniture. But whatever the modification, the basis of it is always the same - the seat, back, four legs.

Vincent Van Gogh painted this painting under the impression of a painting entitled "Empty Chair". It was precisely thinking about the meaning of this subject, he ultimately decided to make it the center of composition and translate it into impressionism.

Van Gogh’s complex and serious thoughts about the place of man in life are hidden under this subject. What did the empty chair mean to him? If the chair is empty, then someone has released it. It served as a support and support for a person, but if there is no person, why is a chair needed?

An empty chair is a symbol of death for Van Gogh. This means that this chair is no longer needed by a person. That his support function has already outlived itself. It has become meaningless, exactly as meaningless as hundreds of other things that have the essence of only helping a person and nothing more.

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