Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel "Six-winged seraph"

Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel

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The canvas "Six-winged seraph" by Mikhail Vrubel was written in 1904. The work of art was created by the artist in the hospital of V.P. Serbian at the university. The work is painted on canvas with oil paints. This creation is known under the name "Azrael", in addition, the canvas is called "Angel with a sword and censer."

It was as if a crown on the head of the six-winged seraphim was kindled with fire, by sowing, breaking through the impenetrable darkness. Strong wings serve as a precious gem of stones. Its appearance is permeated with cold and severity. Dark hair frames the face. His neck is elongated and straight. The seraphim gazes with a piercing icy gaze of wide open huge eyes. His hands raised to the top.

In one hand he has a censer with a burning flame, and in the other, twisted by a snake, he holds a sword. With all his appearance, the seraph recalls the heavenly world, from where he came down. He is like an angel of death, reminding that nothing lasts forever in this earthly world. His gaze indicates the imminent approach of reckoning.

The picture is similar to a delusional dream, where flashes of red, blue, and green fire appear now and then. Cold colors are ringing announcing the near end.

The work of art is an illustration to the verse of A.S. Pushkin's "Prophet". Earlier, Vrubel was already painting, drawing on the work of Pushkin. After that, the theme of the Prophet became wired for the artist.

Vrubel worked on the canvas already, being sick. At the same time, he had the strength to put his soul and secret meaning into every smear. This is after the last large canvas by the artist.

The general style of the canvas resembles ancient frescoes. In a work of art, strokes having the form of a bright stained-glass window intertwined. It seems as if the picture is made up of thousands of particles of colorful mosaics. At the same time, it is cold, repulsive and bewitching, endowed with the author's deep emotions.

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