Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov "Elk Island in Sokolniki"

Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov

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Savrasov is true to himself. Who would have thought that in Sokolniki, in this mud, someday high-rise buildings and paved roads would rise? Here we have before us Sokolniki, who were once. And the very Elk Island, in which moose still live, and not as it is now, is one name.

And after all, here the painter did not apply to play with the light. The sky is clearly thunderous, clouds such that not even an hour will rumble from above and rain will go.

Cows can also wash themselves under the heavenly water for joy, but the shepherds don’t really want to get wet and it is clear that the herd is stubbornly standing, not scattered. But what’s most beautiful, that the herd is still sanctified by the sun, and the forest is gradually covered by dark twilight. In the foreground, by the way, there are footbridges across the ditch. It seems that soon they will drown in storm water. And dirt will increase as well without it ...

Not everyone succeeds in conveying the mood before a thunderstorm or such a state when something is about to happen. But here Savrasov was able to create the mood of a thunderstorm in this canvas, a feeling of the inevitable whim of nature. And most importantly, it seems that the pressure of the sky presses, presses not only on our perception, but also on the same pine forest, which is already half dark from the clouds. But nevertheless the light breaks through to the trees and tries to shine there, this is not for long - there are some clouds running across the sky. The main thing for the shepherds is not to gape and have time to hide the cows, even in the forest, because anything can happen.

Still, it is not in vain that Savrasov is considered to be the ancestor of the Russian landscape. It was him who studied Korovin and Levitan, it was he who created the most famous painting “Rooks Have Arrived”, which they are ready to buy for an unprecedentedly large amount of money, and which brought world fame to the artist.

Composing By Picture Children Running From A Thunderstorm

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