Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "Odessa at night"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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Having lived all his life by the sea, Aivazovsky could not help singing the beauty and strength of this element. It was such an Odessa that was remembered by an artist who never painted from life. Having drafted only a couple of sketches, a few months later the picture “View of Odessa on a moonlit night” appeared.

On canvas, the plot looks like a single style. Along the right edge is a string of houses, which is poorly lit with light and merges with the general background, dissolving into the sea. The moon unusually bright yellow illuminates the sea surface and allows you to consider everything that is around you, symbolizing a certain sun.

The dynamics of the picture seem to be calling ahead, offering to know that where the path of the moon burns brightest. See the unknown and learn the secrets of the sea, which may be more interesting. How a true marine painter Aivazovsky treated the sea with trepidation and reverence.

Odessa is a port city, whose life directly depends on the nature of the elements. From time immemorial, the Black Sea was considered inhospitable, evil and cold. There is a legend telling about the name. The sailors, lost in the unknown waters, fell into a strong storm, which did not stop for a long time. Water rose and fell, turning the edges into a black abyss. The team thought that the sea always leads like that, and they called it the color of death and evil - Black.

The picture shows a warship that is experiencing rare instants of beauty that it will probably never see again. After all, the clouds above the moonlight are gathering and becoming formidable, talking about the imminent battle and difficulties.

The plot is interconnected and not divided into its constituent parts. Each frozen figure in its posture carries a semantic load. The color palette is calming, but the red color ahead makes you wonder what it is used for.

Perhaps this is a readiness for a new day, because all boats also move to where the life of the city flows.

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