Description of Claude Monet's painting “Terrace at Saint-Adress”

Description of Claude Monet's painting “Terrace at Saint-Adress”

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It is worth noting that the composition of the canvas itself is quite original, given the fact that for Monet, it is somewhat unusual. Even with a cursory examination of the picture, the fact that the picture does not have a clearly defined center is immediately evident, in addition to this, you can also notice the lack of a top angle. Now in more detail about the characters in the picture themselves. It is reliably known that in the chair, on the right side of the picture, it is precisely Claude's father, Adolf, who sits.

In the more central part with an umbrella and a back to the viewer, one can observe either the sister or the artist’s own aunt. And the girl who is standing with the young man is the cousin of the master.

It is worth noting that the picture is given a fairly wide part of the space precisely under the water surface, on which you can see a fairly large number of different sailboats that have different sizes. One way or another, the sky can be divided into the part where the clouds are present and the part where they are not. Together with the water, the second half of the composition is occupied by a terrace.

A large number of flowers can be seen on the terrace, most likely it is nastruzi and gladioli, and the variety of tones and colors is further emphasized by flags that are arranged asymmetrically to each other. It is worth noting that Monet in this painting sought precisely to build a quality plot of the canvas.

This work has a very clear distinction between his previous works and this one, which is maximally well-written and has clearly identified and prescribed nuances.

It is visible that the master does not give free rein to the brush and tries to make every stroke very neat, and find his place for him. It is noticeable how the artist performs color shadows, conveys not only texture, through the difference in shades and highlights, but also thanks to the color.

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