Description of the painting Pablo Picasso “First Communion”

Description of the painting Pablo Picasso “First Communion”

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Pablo Picasso was never considered a devout person or took an excessively religious position, but despite this, after receiving an order to paint several paintings for the nunnery, he performed them as if he had lived all his life in the monastery, transferring all his energy to the canvas. In order to paint the painting “First Communion”, the master needed to collect a large number of church interior items, clothes and other equipment in his workshop.

The result was a picture, inherently, possessing incredible technique and surprisingly realistic colors. Moreover, it is worth noting that it was from this picture that the master continued a large series of paintings, which took a lot of years from his life. The canvas is very spiritualized, and the young girl in white seems to be the only pure creature in the picture.

Thanks to the use of warm colors, the picture seems very clean and pleasant. The picture is amazing with its quality of performance, the girl’s white robe seems weightless, it is translucent, which indicates the lightness of this fabric, it is amazing how the master managed to convey this. All the smallest nuances and details were conveyed perfectly precisely and clearly, but the artist was only 15 years old at the time of painting.

The girl, kneeling, in a chair, reads a prayer, behind her you can observe the images of two more people, apparently the one who is closer, her relative, most likely her father. His view is focused and very serious, so you can judge how important this action is for him, even to some extent more important than a girl. The priest is also visible in the picture, judging by his age, this is most likely a junior assistant who arranges fresh flowers, candlesticks, lights candles.

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