Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov "Evening"

Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov

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Incredible in its beauty and technique, the painting by the great artist Savrasov, entitled "Evening". The picture is oil on canvas and impresses the viewer with his poetic performance and the transmission of the energy mood of the picture.

The artist chooses the perfect moment for drawing the sunset, as you can see, nature and all living things are already preparing for bed, while the sky is shimmering with gorgeous, almost all the colors of the rainbow colors. The canvas is conditionally divided into three parts, the lower one is completely given to dark brown and dark green tones, which perfectly show the soil and grass.

Also visible is a trail that goes deep into the canvas. As for the middle, the paintings, only the tops of the trees bother the viewer a bit in order to fully enjoy the magnificent tints of tones and subtle transitions of colors, thanks to which the master was able to perfectly convey the state of nature, color and paint exactly as they were at the time of writing.

An excellent elaboration of light and shadow allowed the artist to make a small emphasis on the fact that the leaves are playing relative to the sunset, so it becomes clear why the master chose this particular angle and place of view for his painting. The upper part of the canvas is completely given to the unflappable sky, which contrasts exclusively with the whole image in the picture, the sky with its clouds is an ideal counterweight to the earth in this picture.

If it’s clear from the bottom of the picture, this is an unconditional foundation that is immovable, then the sky is quite the contrary executed so dynamically that sometimes it seems that you can see how the clouds move across the sky. Thus, it is very difficult to take your eyes off the picture, it will completely captivate with its unobtrusiveness.

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