Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov "Oaks"

Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov

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“Oaks” is one of the earliest works of the famous Russian landscape painter Savrasov, written a year after graduating from the Moscow art school.

The picture can be considered quite romantic. Along the shore of a narrow stream, both banks of which are overgrown with grass, there are two mighty oaks. Their trunks grew close by, almost touching each other. Crowns are almost indistinguishable, merging into one, double, very magnificent and giving a lot of shadow. A small trail leads past the oaks, along the river bank, towards the forest.

In this picture you can already trace the traditional Savras motifs: the forest, the richness of colors, creating the impression of presence. No, there are no rainbow colors in the picture. Crohn, shrubs, grass - all made in dark green colors. But in different ways. All this goes well with black trunks and a bright sky, almost completely free from clouds.

With the exception of the trail leading deep into the forest, there are no traces of the presence of a person or an animal in the picture. This is a characteristic feature of many subsequent paintings by the artist. The trail is quite trodden, it is clear that it is often walked along.

The space in the picture of Savrasov is limited by the forest stretching along the banks of the canal. However, more than half of the picture is occupied by the sky - light blue, with little cloud cover, partially covered by the double top of the oaks.

The image of oak is a special feature in the work of Savrasov. Few people managed to convey so realistically the mighty become, greatness, leisurelyness, surrounded by less significant brothers. In particular, the same adjoining oaks with a double top can be seen in the picture of the mid-50s “Summer landscape with oaks”.

Oil painting on canvas. It is stored in the Russian Museum in the city of St. Petersburg.

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