Description of the painting by Yuri Pimenov "Actress"

Description of the painting by Yuri Pimenov

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Pimenov is an impressionist, and, like all his colleagues, puts momentum at the forefront. A shining moment, containing the whole world and many meanings. Like most impressionists, his paintings are very cheerful, very bright, they catch in their frozen eternity some seconds from the life of ordinary people and show them to others.

"Actress" is an excellent representative of this genre. On it is a motley, iridescent mess in the actress's dressing room before the performance. A cup with tea or coffee, a tall glass from under the wine drunk after yesterday's premiere. White gloves. Perfume bottle.

The stage costume casually thrown onto the back of the chair is a golden, bright, eye-catching look. Of course, here is the mirror, without which it is impossible to make up correctly, here are also jars of make-up - lurid, scattered on the table in disarray. From the actress herself in the picture, her hands and part of her chin, but you can already see from them how expressive her image is. She leans toward the mirror, meticulously looks at herself - is there anything to be added? From all this - from objects, from the movement of a woman whose faces we don’t even see - one gets the feeling of theatrical excitement, running backstage, the final preparations.

Soon to go on stage - they will give a third bell, the curtain will creep up, and again it will be time to become someone else, not yourself. Spectators will applaud, flowers will fly onto the stage.

Replicas will be forgotten and immediately recalled, and against will, when looking at the picture, the viewer begins to wonder - what is being staged today in this theater? Whom does a woman play today with full graceful hands, and whose costume hangs from the back of a chair? Will they applaud her? Will the audience stand up in a single rush to reward her for the game? How did she come to this and did she always want to become an actress? As planned - in one instant - the whole world.

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