Description of the painting by Konstantin Vasiliev "Alyosha Popovich and the red maiden"

Description of the painting by Konstantin Vasiliev

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A colorful, almost popular print, which depicts one of the three most famous Russian heroes - Alyosha Popovich. Oh, and masterful, he was a silushka of his surprise. At the mere mention of him, the Mongol Tatars threw their weapons and fled wherever their eyes looked. He was already very harsh when he met an enemy adversary on his way.

Nobody believed that his parent was a simple pop, actually from here and his nickname is Popovich. According to legend, Alyosha did not grow by leaps and bounds, and already from infancy possessed not a hefty strength. But only love could break such a fellow. He fell in love without memory in the red girl Alyonushka. Yes, he fell in love so that at the mere sight of his beloved, he lost both his strength and his will. The hero forgot about his military work, sought her love. Actually, I got it, but not right away.

The moment when they have already met and apparently agreed to be together is captured on the canvas. Look how much happiness is in the eyes of both. They are so good that even the hero himself took up the gusli and he was playing something. And their meeting is symbolic - at the birch, at the most beautiful Russian tree. And their head from above is covered by another symbol of true Russian love - a swan. But also not a simple swan, but some kind of iron made. It protects lovers from any misfortunes. Although Popovich himself can protect himself, but misfortunes are different. That separation will come on the heels, then death may inadvertently remind of itself. Such protection is always useful, even to the brave and staunch hero of the Russian land.

Vasiliev was able to show the wide Russian soul in only one picture and did not deceive, but he truly showed what a Russian person is like in both female and male guises. He connected everything and didn’t do it too much. Just exactly that - and male dare, and female beauty.

Composition By Shishkin’s Landscape

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