Description of the painting Diego Velazquez “Coronation of Mary”

Description of the painting Diego Velazquez “Coronation of Mary”

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The canvas was created by the artist in 1645.

By this time, Velazquez was already quite famous. He could paint in different styles: genre painting, religion, history, myths. Velazquez had a special handwriting, which was inherent only in his hand.

The picture shows the coronation of the Virgin Mary by the Holy Trinity. A great event takes place in heaven, after the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which she should have adequately taken for her purity, purity and holiness. The canvas of Velazquez describes the last of the episodes of her life - the climax, according to the Roman Catholic Church. Later, similar episodes began to be depicted on the walls of all Christian churches.

It is the coronation that makes the Virgin Mary Queen of Heaven. This event is celebrated by the Catholic Church, in Orthodoxy there is only the feast of the Assumption of the Virgin. Velazquez depicted on his canvas this event with special depth. The face of the Mother of God is filled with light, humility and prayer. The Savior her son and the Lord hold a crown of flowers above her head, which announces her ascension.

Above their heads, the artist portrayed divine light. Now the Virgin Mary stands at the right hand of the Lord God and intercedes for sinners. The holy spirit, which is depicted as a dove, illuminates the great event with incredible light.

Around the angels and cherubs fly, rejoicing and chanting the Queen of Heaven. The picture is fascinating. How skillfully, paints are selected, all details are registered.

With his creation, Velazquez makes us think about sins, imbued with thoughts about the meaning of being and staying on this earth. The painting is depicted according to all Christian canons. Velazquez was truly a genius of painting in all its manifestations, leaving the greatest legacy that for centuries has remained in the hearts of those who encounter his work.

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