Description of the painting by Gustav Klimt “Judith with the Head of Holofernes”

Description of the painting by Gustav Klimt “Judith with the Head of Holofernes”

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Judith is a female character; she is a widow who saved her entire Jewish family from enemies. The Assyrians besieged her hometown, the widow had to change clothes and go to the camp of the damned foe. She was a very attractive maiden and the commander of the enemy side could not ignore her charms.

In his wards he was comforted by his beautiful body and drank himself with wine. After the man fell asleep, the girl cut off his head and proudly brought her people to the feet. This story has inspired many artists of all time. Gustav Klimt was no exception. He portrayed his image of a brave and desperate woman.

In his understanding, Judith is a fatal woman. He portrayed her as an enemy coming out of the tent. The girl did not have time to put herself in order and did not even smell the edges of the dressing gown. Her breasts peek out from under her dress. The head in the hand does not immediately strike the eye. The author sought to show her proud and slightly arrogant appearance. In this battle, she became a real winner and it does not matter that the enemy was drunk and was in a state of sleep. The heroine still remains fragile, feminine, who is ready to fight to the last.

The artist painted a picture in 1901. The wife of a famous banker in Venice posed for this portrait. The work was carried out for several years, then new relations arose with a foreign spouse. As a result, the world saw a contradictory canvas. On the one hand, this is a woman who became a savior. She thought about the victory of the people and therefore gave her charms to Holofernes. Many condemn her, because it was more a revenge and a surge of anger on the entire male population.

Everyone knows that the young virgin was unhappy in her marriage, she did not even cry when she learned about the death of her husband. The author uses solar paints as a symbol of victory and a new period in the life of Jews. But the heroine’s eyes are practically closed, it is not clear whether she is happy with this execution or regrets the murder.

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