Description of the painting by Alexei Bogolyubov “Petersburg at sunset”

Description of the painting by Alexei Bogolyubov “Petersburg at sunset”

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Petersburg is a city that was completely thought out by the Russian emperor Peter the Great. Yes, this is his brainchild. He should have come up with such a city precisely because he needed a Ford post from European powers, which was impatient to take possession of the border lands of Russia.

At first the city was built of wood, but after a series of fires, it was decided to rebuild the city from stone. So began to appear stone houses. These were administrative houses and palaces close to the emperor. Interestingly, Peter himself ordered not to build bridges in the city.

Almost all citizens had their own boats, and for ordinary citizens there were public boats to which carriers were assigned. It’s all the emperor’s idea to make the city faster become European. Everyone has long known how the emperor treated everything truly Russian.

True, a bridge is visible on the canvas. They began to build a little later, long after his death. But skiffs and boats remained and the walks that took place every weekend also remained in fashion. The city began to equip itself with new buildings that only adorned it. On the canvas, sunset time began, and the city gradually pacified after a busy day.

The boats within the Neva became smaller, everything was falling into a dream. Then there was not much entertainment - they could afford to read or meet for a cup of coffee. But these are those who are richer, but poorer right after sunset, went to bed. And how beautiful the river is in the sunset - it is blue-blue. But the sky is filled with white sunset clouds.

The city gradually plunges into twilight, and then completely plunges into the night.

There are many St. Petersburg landscapes that only adorn the city. This canvas is no exception. How much this painting gives is calm, a feeling of comfort and silence. And after all, it seems like nothing of the sort - water, sky and both banks of St. Petersburg.

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