Description of the painting by Salvador Dali "Small remains"

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali

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It is very difficult to understand Dali without knowing his biography or reading his criticism, or simply at least not hearing him superficially. He is simply an irresistibly difficult artist for an aesthetically finely tuned person.

Here, for example, this canvas - "Small remains." What is it about? Oh being? That everything is perishable in this world? But we already know this through the Bible or through all sorts of philosophical books. But Dali did not have our knowledge, we need to show the process itself. He needs to show how all this is destroyed and consumed by time. And he demonstrates this, showing us a half-gnawed female body. He makes us understand that all this is perishable and turns into dust, into skeletons. Not perishable is only space, time and the infinity of the process. Mathematics and philosophy are not perishable.

Dali is a little obsessed with philosophy and mystery. He himself has always been a mystery. Not everyone understood his tricks and antics with which he went out. Wherever he went everywhere there was a certain embarrassment in society, but for him shocking. Yes, even his appearance led some people to bewilderment. He always dressed very strange, and his famous mustache-arrows, which became his brand, always had some new outfit: bows, flowers, cubes.

Roughly speaking, the artist turned out to be non-standard, but nevertheless, almost everyone recognized him as a genius. And if he was crazy, then most likely just a quiet exuberant. He left us many masterpieces, there are even those that no one can still solve. By the way, he created such paintings with puzzling solutions so that the viewer would not be bored at the exhibition, and even at home, so that he could think about the charade.

It turned out that he not only develops aesthetically, but also makes him mentally develop and at the same time enjoy real art. Isn't that brilliant?

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