Description of the Statue of Liberty in New York

Description of the Statue of Liberty in New York

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It was built in 1886 to honor the French-American friendship. It is also a symbol of American freedom, a symbol of New York. The statue looks like a woman who pulls up a torch. Work on the statue lasted about ten years.

It is one of the tallest statues in the world. Its height, together with the pedestal, is 93 m. The author is the sculptor Frederic Bartholdy. The weight of copper used to cast the statue is 31 tons. The entire steel structure weighs 125 tons, and the concrete base is 27 thousand tons. Gustave Eiffel (author of the world famous Eiffel Tower) and Maurice Kekhlin built this statue. The statue is built so that inside the monument you can calmly climb the stairs.

There is an observation deck in the crown. To climb to it, you need to overcome 354 steps. 25 windows are available for inspection. From there, the tourist will be able to see the excellent and unique harbor. The crown has seven rays. They symbolize the seven continents.

The very figure of a woman is made of expertly made sheets of copper. They are very firmly fused with each other and form a silhouette known throughout the world. The statue is constantly being restored, modernized. So, recently, elements of laser illumination have been added to it.

It is also interesting that inside the pedestal, which depicts a statue, there is an interesting museum. You can get into it using the elevator.

A woman (Lady Liberty) holds a burning torch in her right hand, and a tablet in her left. It has an inscription in Roman numerals - the fourth of July 1776. This is United States Independence Day.

You can get to this statue only by water.

The statue belongs to the monuments of national importance of the United States, and in 1984 the United Nations declared it, like the entire island, a cultural monument of global significance.

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