Description of the painting by Alexander Ivanov “Clouds over the coast”

Description of the painting by Alexander Ivanov “Clouds over the coast”

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The author of the painting “Clouds” is Alexander Ivanov. To write this masterpiece of the artist was inspired by a love of life and all living things. In the picture you can see a joyful and clean thick glaze, on which there are tangles of clouds. “Clouds over the coast” are filled with moderate depth, which is a reflection of the artist’s inner world. Sympathy for high and pure is realized with the help of fabulous thoughts.

Thanks to the talent of the artist, he was able to clearly portray a beautiful sky that looks very realistic. One gets the impression that, looking at the picture, one is transported to that area.

It can be seen that by painting, the author experienced the deepest emotions that can be seen on the canvas. The picture seems to nourish with the splendor of happiness and joy. The artist was able to miraculously capture the moment and perpetuate it forever.

The game of colors cannot but impress. Only a gifted person could so skillfully convey the whole blue of the sky and the contours of the clouds. The whole picture is permeated with shades. Ivanov’s brush seemed to glide over the canvas.

Work on the "Clouds" was as quick and easy as clouds float through the sky. The plot of the picture looks very simple, but with a deep meaning. It is known that clouds symbolize something bright, but sudden. Some art historians believe that Ivanov tried to stop something pleasant, which is especially dear to his heart.

The artist is a native of the countryside and, most likely, because of this, he is so kind to nature. The shades of the picture are very warm and cozy, to some extent they resemble a home, in which you always want to return. Sometimes it seems that “Clouds” is just a “photographic shot” created by a human hand. The painting "Clouds" deserves attention, because it conveys the warm feelings and emotions of the author.

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