Description of the sculptural composition of Francois Auguste Rodin "The Gates of Hell"

Description of the sculptural composition of Francois Auguste Rodin

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Auguste Rene Roden - innovator, sculptor-impressionist. For Rodin, it is important to reproduce feelings and impressions in the sculpture, reflect the real world, its variability and mobility. Having received an order from the government in 1885 for the production of the gates of the French State Museum, Roden started work three years later, but never finished it. The Gates of Hell can be called the work of a lifetime, which today occupies a well-deserved place in the Rodin Museum.

Amazing and non-standard Rodin's idea. He admired Dante's “Divine Comedy”, which managed to convey life after death in a word. Rodin put the power of thought and skill into sculpture, creating the unique “Gates of Hell”. The composition has 108 figures, many became separate sculptures. Most of the figures in the composition are variants of human vices that will certainly stand before the doors to the afterlife.

In the central part of the gate, we see the familiar “Thinker,” looking sadly up and down at sinners making their way to the gate. Here the vices of mankind are flatterers, rapists, suicides, money-lenders. Each vice has its own place, there is not a single figure who did not bear a philosophical seal.

Rodin worked on the gates for twenty-seven years, but did not finish them, because life itself provided food for work. He constantly recombined the pieces, swapped, supplemented with new developments. As a result, the work was cast only after the death of the author, based on the last decomposed version. But who can say that Rodin would satisfy the option? Life made a choice for him.

The bas-relief figures show a new technique of the sculptor - emotionality. It is impossible to look indifferently at a work that seems to live, breathe. “Gates of Hell” - fascinate, causing a lot of emotions: fear, surprise, admiration, disbelief - because everyone will ever appear before them.

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