Description of the painting by Titian Vecellio “Venus in front of the mirror”

Description of the painting by Titian Vecellio “Venus in front of the mirror”

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The half-naked Venus looks in the mirror. She is young and beautiful, her cheeks are blush, and her skin is white as milk. She admires herself, appreciates herself, covering her breast with her hand and smiling barely noticeably. Her legs are covered with a scarlet cloak with a furry, bracelets on her hands, a pearl hairpin in blond hair, an earring hangs in a pearl drop in her ear.

Two winged chubby cupids hold a mirror for her. One stands with his back to the viewer, his light, short-haired nape and wings, piercing from his shoulders, are visible. The second peeks out from behind the mirror, and, holding Venus' shoulder so as not to fall, reaches out to lay a precious wreath on her head. He looks delighted, he clearly seeks to please the hostess.

Venus in the picture embodies not only the ideal of physical beauty of that time. Yes, she has a soft figure, small hands, small breasts. Yes, she has a correct and beautiful face. But more importantly, with what expression she looks in the mirror. Without the superiority that is characteristic of some girls who enjoy the way they plunge everyone to dust and defeat all rivals.

Without a doubt, characteristic of others who are constantly dissatisfied with themselves and look at their reflection in the eternal search for an unfortunate angle, an acne that did not appear on time. Without narcissistic admiring, when a girl is not able to tear herself away from herself and enjoys her beauty as she once enjoyed her Narcissus.

On the contrary, her posture speaks of chastity. She is hiding without embarrassment, but out of inner need. She does not doubt that she is good, but she is not at all going to compete with others. She does not enjoy her appearance, but simply examines herself with calm dignity, assessing whether she is dressed well enough today.

Only part of it is visible in the mirror to the viewer, and this part is like a picture in a picture.

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