Description of the painting by Husseppe de Ribera “The Lamefoot”

Description of the painting by Husseppe de Ribera “The Lamefoot”

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Ribera is an Italian artist from Spain who worked in the realistic genre of graphics and painting. His favorite topic was religious subjects and portraits of his contemporaries. “The Lap” - a canvas painted by the artist in 1642

It depicts the figure of a little boy - a beggar and a cripple. The disfigured barefoot right foot seemed to be deliberately displayed. The boy’s costume is old, tattered in some places. In his hand he holds a leaf of a beggar with a plea for help. And a sincere children's smile shines on the face.

He has a difficult fate, but the boy does not seem to know about it. So much cheerfulness in the expression on his face, so much purity and light! With the same great love for all living things, this portrait was painted by a Spanish-Italian painter. A lame boy looks from the canvas into the eyes of the audience, right into the soul, hoping that he will receive the same look in response.

The background for the character of the painting by Ribera depicted a landscape: a low horizon of hills overgrown with wild grasses and a sky covered with white clouds. The figure of the boy is written as noble gentlemen wrote: the character's gaze is directed from top to bottom. This technique gives the picture a certain solemnity, monumentality.

The boy probably knows that the writing artist perpetuates his image almost forever. Therefore, he is so happy and proud of himself. The master conveyed to us the elusive inner beauty of the child, his spiritual stamina, spiritual harmony and moral purity. The character is strange, imperfect in physical form, but so ideal in expression, real as life itself.

The work belongs to the late period of the artist. Until the end of his life, Ribera's artistic gift blossomed with bright substantial masterpieces, revealing new buds - the verge of a rich, folk soul of an original master brush.

Now the "Lapfrog" gives its charming smile to visitors to the Paris Louvre.

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