Description of the painting by Tatyana Nazarenko “Moscow evening”

Description of the painting by Tatyana Nazarenko “Moscow evening”

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Tatyana Nazarenko is one of the artists of the turn of the eras who worked under the Soviet Union and safely transferred her gift, as a banner, to modern Russia. Her paintings, as a rule, are plot or depict people.

The perspective in them is often violated, characters who should not collide find themselves in one place at one time.

"Moscow evening" among them is actually a reference. It depicts the artist’s friends - young ones who were going to music in her workshop. Two guitars, a flute, a pure female voice, they sing together and stand behind them, instead of the stuffy and oppressive walls of the room, the living space of Moscow. You can see the towers of the Kremlin, the domes of Cathedral Square, old, comfortable houses still of royal construction.

On the table in front of friends are papers of different eras. You can make out old photos taken from the old album, which solemn strangers look at the frame sternly and strictly. Issues of magazines that have not been published for many years, sketches by someone's light hand, a portrait of a serf that few people already recognize. The epochs are intertwined - a young, vague, subtle, surreal portrait of Elizaveta Petrovna Charevina, once painted by Grigory Ostrovsky, stands behind the young people.

The old woman looks from within her own “nowhere”, the ligature of the times that divides her and the society gathered in the workshop, and looks at the same time detached and material, one of all, equal in the circle of friends whom she has been separating from her for almost two centuries.

This picture is about the inevitability of time, about the inexorability of its course, and at the same time about how easily and freely human thought can overcome it. How easy it is for people to follow times that they did not find, and how close these times sometimes seem - in old books, in buildings that are several centuries old, in papers, romances and thoughts.

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