Description of the painting by Caspar David Friedrich “Two contemplating the moon”

Description of the painting by Caspar David Friedrich “Two contemplating the moon”

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Many artists emphasized the craving of a person from darkness to enlightenment. Naturally, this was expressed on the canvas a little differently than the meaning requires.

One of these paintings is the creation of Friedrich Caspar, "Two Contemplating the Moon." The work emphasizes, if not aspiration, then interest in something unknown, bright, but definitely necessary.

We see two whose image appears before us almost in the form of a silhouette. However, upon careful examination, we can understand something about these two people. At first it can be assumed that these are two travelers who stopped to enjoy the night sky. But if you note that both are dressed in accordance with the fashion of the time, then it becomes clear - these are local residents, tired of the city and went on a long walk.

Given that one put his hand on the shoulder of his companion, you can determine their warm relationship. And looking at the gray hair from the cap of one of them, a bold assumption appears that these two are a father and a son, or an older brother with a younger one. The seniority of one of them emphasizes the position of the body in which it is located. Hunched over a little, he seemed tired of rising to a hill.

The artist also played a special role in the environment around them. Judging by the hills and boulders lying around, it follows that these two are on a rock. Next to the people, on the right, an old tree bends, whose roots have already half-climbed out of the ground. To their left is a serene spruce. And even further - coniferous forest.

If you look closely, it is noticeable that a half-uprooted stump sticks out among the rocks - the result of human activity. This confirms the conjecture that the village is nearby. A little to the right of the moon you can see a star.

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