Description of the painting by Jean Auguste Ingres “Turkish Bath”

Description of the painting by Jean Auguste Ingres “Turkish Bath”

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Ingre was seventy-nine years old when he began work on this painting and eighty-two when he finished it. He sums it up with it - devoting his whole life to work and research in the nude genre (that is, in the nude genre), he finds his meaning, his Grail, and he implements the best that he has learned in the Turkish Bath.

It depicts the harem of the Turkish Khan, who went to the bathhouse in full force. The languid women fill the entire space of the picture, and at first glance it seems very chaotic. In fact, it fits naturally and smoothly into a circle.

The central female figure is turned back to the viewer. The woman’s hair is wrapped in a turban, the neck of a musical instrument peeps over her shoulder. Women are reclining on pillows on all sides, one is sitting with her feet in the cool water of the pool, one is dancing - it is unlikely to delight the looks of her friends, rather remembering the dance or wanting to teach someone.

The picture literally glows with the bodily, light color of nudity, which only in some places erupts with bright spots. A black woman with dark skin like bronze, a blue jug, a table with incense oils and rubbing.

The languid voluptuousness of the picture is addictive. If you look at it for a long time, you will feel aromatic hot steam, the relaxed bliss of many women who have come to the bathhouse not only to wash, how much to relax, chat and bring beauty. They don’t think about how they look, they just enjoy what is happening, and how Enrg writes them out - each with care, with a separate thought, drawing facial features, skin folds, softness of outlines, and you can see how much he loves them, perfectly understanding how the female body is arranged, what muscles are moving in it, how fat is located on it.

The softness, smoothness and languor of the "Turkish Bath" pleases the eye and leads to pleasant, light and slightly stuffy thoughts.

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